1 عمومی:: غزلی‌، مناسب‌ برای‌ نواختن‌ یا خواندن‌ باچنگ‌، بزمی‌

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1 general::   adj. VERBS be, feel | become, wax He waxed lyrical about the variety of fish in the river. ADV. intensely, very There are some intensely lyrical passages in his first symphony. | almost She wrote an almost lyrical account of her childhood. | quite

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معنی کلمه lyrical ، معنی اصطلاح lyrical ، به lyrical چی می گن؟ ، lyrical چی می شه؟، واژه lyrical ، معادل lyrical ، lyrical synonym , lyrical definition , lyrical meaning
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