1 عمومی:: اسط‌وره‌ شناسی‌، اساط‌یر، افسانه‌ شناسی‌

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1 general:: noun a collection of myths: It is mythology about aliens from outer space.

Simple Definitions

2 general::   noun ADJ. powerful | popular | personal | cultural, political | ancient, classical | Greek, Roman, etc. VERB + MYTHOLOGY enter Stories about ghosts in the cathedral have entered the mythology of the town. | create She has created her own mythology in the books. PREP. in a/the ~ the characters in Greek mythology | ~ about/of a mythology about how to get fit

Oxford Collocations Dictionary

معنی کلمه mythology ، معنی اصطلاح mythology ، به mythology چی می گن؟ ، mythology چی می شه؟، واژه mythology ، معادل mythology ، mythology synonym , mythology definition , mythology meaning
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