1 عمومی:: خرگوش، شكار خرگوش‌ كردن‌، خرگوش‌

شبکه مترجمین ایران


1 general:: see PULL (A RABBIT) OUT OF A HAT.

American Heritage Idioms

2 general:: noun hares: They raised rabbits for food.

Simple Definitions

3 general::   noun VERB + RABBIT hunt, shoot, trap | skin RABBIT + VERB hop, jump | bolt, run A frightened rabbit will bolt for its hole. | breed Rabbits breed very fast. RABBIT + NOUN fur, skin | burrow, hole, hutch, warren (often figurative) The building was a real rabbit warren of corridors.

Oxford Collocations Dictionary

معنی کلمه rabbit ، معنی اصطلاح rabbit ، به rabbit چی می گن؟ ، rabbit چی می شه؟، واژه rabbit ، معادل rabbit ، rabbit synonym , rabbit definition , rabbit meaning
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