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1 general:: youth verbs spend your youth
She spent her youth in India. relive/recapture your youth (= do things you did when young, to try and experience youth again )
The band’s fans are clearly reliving their youth.
The sports car is an attempt to recapture his youth. phrases a misspent youth (= spent doing things that were bad or not useful )
He is trying to make up for his misspent youth. your lost youth (= the time long ago when you were young )
He wept for his lost youth. the days/dreams/friends etc of sb’s youth
He had long ago forgotten the dreams of his youth.

2 general:: noun children: The future belongs to the youth. noun childhood: Your youth is an innocent time.

Simple Definitions

3 general::   noun period of your life when you are young ADJ. early | unhappy | lost nostalgia for her lost youth | misspent His lack of qualifications was taken as a sign of a misspent youth. VERB + YOUTH spend She spent much of her youth in Hong Kong. | idle away, waste He wasted his youth in front of a computer screen. PREP. during your ~ She contracted the disease during her youth. | from ~ from youth to maturity | in your ~ He started going to discos in his early youth. | since your ~ I haven't danced since my youth! | throughout your ~ He played football throughout his youth. PHRASES not in the first flush of youth Though no longer in the first flush of youth she's still remarkably energetic. | scenes from/of sb's youth being young ADJ. extreme Her extreme youth was against her. | comparative | eternal in search of eternal youth VERB + YOUTH have You still have your youth?that's the main thing. young person ADJ. male | black, white | callow He was a callow youth when he joined the newspaper. | pimply, spotty She's going out with some spotty youth. | fresh-faced | gangling QUANT. gang, group young people ADJ. modern the aspirations of modern youth | local | urban | working-class | delinquent, disaffected | unemployed | educated | gilded (figurative) a club for the gilded youth (= rich and spoilt young people) of London YOUTH + NOUN culture | club, group, movement, organization, subculture, work | leader, worker | employment, unemployment, training | court, crime, custody a crackdown on youth crime PHRASES the youth of today

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