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1 general:: vacation verbs take/have a vacation • We usually take a vacation once a year. go on vacation • I'm going on vacation next month. need a vacation • You're working too hard. You need a vacation. spend a vacation • Where did you spend your vacation? ADJECTIVES/NOUN + vacation a summer vacation • What did you do on your summer vacation? a family vacation • We had to cancel the family vacation. a long vacation • She decided to take a long vacation. a short vacation • a short vacation at the beach a two-week/three-day etc vacation vacation + NOUN a vacation spot (= a place for a vacation ) • The island is my favorite vacation spot. a vacation day (= a day away from work on vacation ) • You could take a sick day or a vacation day. vacation plans (= an idea about what you want to do on your vacation ) • Do you have any vacation plans this summer? COMMON ERRORS >>> Do not say ' have vacation '. Say be on vacation .

2 general:: vacation especially American English , holiday especially British English time you spend away from school or work: • Are you taking a vacation this summer? • We met on holiday in Cyprus. • What are you doing in the school holidays ? holiday a day that is set by law, when no one has to go to work or school: • the Thanksgiving holiday • New Year's Day is a national holiday . • In 2002, there was an extra public holiday to mark the Queen's golden jubilee. • the August bank holiday (= day when all the banks and shops are closed – used in British English ) break a time when you stop working or studying in order to rest, or a short vacation from school: • a ten-minute coffee break • Lots of college kids come to the beaches during the spring break. leave a time when you are allowed not to work: • We get four weeks' annual leave (= paid time off work each year ) . • He has been taking a lot of sick leave (= time off work because you are ill ) recently. • Angela is on maternity leave (= time off work when having a baby ) . • He was given compassionate leave (= time off work because someone close to you has died, is very ill etc ) to go to his father's funeral. sabbatical [ usually singular ] a period when someone, especially a teacher, stops doing their usual work in order to study or travel: • She was on sabbatical for six months. • I'm thinking of taking a sabbatical. furlough a period of time when a soldier or someone working in another country can return to their own country as a holiday: • While on furlough, he and his girlfriend got married. R & R ( rest and relaxation ) a holiday, especially one given to people in the army, navy etc after a long period of hard work or during a war: • Soldiers in Vietnam were taken to Hawaii for R & R.


3 general:: noun holiday: We went on a two week vacation.

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معنی کلمه vacation ، معنی اصطلاح vacation ، به vacation چی می گن؟ ، vacation چی می شه؟، واژه vacation ، معادل vacation ، vacation synonym , vacation definition , vacation meaning
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