1 عمومی:: بنیچه‌، سهم‌، سهمیه‌، سهمیه

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1 general::   noun ADJ. full He never takes his full quota of holidays. | annual, daily, monthly, weekly | national | fishing, milk, etc. the introduction of EU milk quotas | export, import, production VERB + QUOTA agree, determine, establish, set | allocate, impose, introduce | increase | reduce | achieve, fill, fulfil, reach We had to increase our output to fill the quota by the end of the year. | exceed Many countries are still exceeding their quotas. QUOTA + NOUN system PREP. ~ for quotas for oil production | ~ on national quotas on imports of cars

Oxford Collocations Dictionary

2 general:: quota verbs impose/introduce a quota (= officially start it ) • In 1993 the European Union imposed quotas on banana imports. set a quota (= say how much it is ) • They have the right to set fishing quotas. lift/scrap a quota (= stop it ) • The minister for trade lifted all quotas on imports and exports. exceed a quota • The fishermen were accused of exceeding their quotas. ADJECTIVES/NOUN + quota a national quota • Five countries maintained national quotas on imports of Japanese cars. fishing quotas • The fishing qoutas are strictly enforced. production quotas • With an excess of milk in the European Union, production quotas were imposed on dairy farmers. import/export quotas • British industry was sheltered from foreign competition by higher tariffs and import quotas. an annual quota • The US immigration laws imposed a strict annual quota for each country of origin.


3 general:: noun a production assignment: Each person will receive a quota to produce.

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معنی کلمه quota ، معنی اصطلاح quota ، به quota چی می گن؟ ، quota چی می شه؟، واژه quota ، معادل quota ، quota synonym , quota definition , quota meaning
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