1 عمومی:: نقل‌ كردن‌، مظ‌نه‌ دادن‌، نشان‌ نقل‌ قول‌، نقل‌ بیان‌ كردن‌، ایراد كردن‌، نقل‌ قول‌ كردن‌

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1 general::   verb repeat exactly what sb has said/written ADV. at length, extensively She quotes extensively from the author's diaries. | in full The passage is quoted in full. | accurately, exactly | directly | approvingly, with approval | above, below, earlier, here, previously The new text of Article 92, quoted above, gives member states more discretion on this issue. PREP. as She is wrongly quoted as saying ‘Play it again, Sam.’ | from quoting from Shakespeare/‘Hamlet’ give sth as an example ADV. frequently, often PREP. as an example that is often quoted as evidence of mismanagement | on Don't quote me on this but I think the figure is in excess of £2 billion. PHRASES widely quoted the most widely quoted and influential study in this field,   noun words taken from a book, etc. ADJ. famous, memorable, quotable | direct, verbatim a direct quote from this morning's paper VERB + QUOTE take quotes taken from various lifestyle magazines QUOTE + VERB come from sth The quote of the week comes from Mae West. PREP. ~ from a quote from Albert Einstein price that will be charged for a piece of work ADJ. written | free VERB + QUOTE give (sb) | get, obtain Always get a written quote before proceeding with work. | accept PREP. ~ for a quote for the hire of the equipment

Oxford Collocations Dictionary

2 general:: verb repeat: You can quote me on that.

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معنی کلمه quote ، معنی اصطلاح quote ، به quote چی می گن؟ ، quote چی می شه؟، واژه quote ، معادل quote ، quote synonym , quote definition , quote meaning
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