1 عمومی:: آسیب پذیر، اسیب‌ پذیر، زخم‌ پذیر، قابل‌ حمله‌

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1 general::   adj. VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem You must try not to appear vulnerable. | become | remain | leave sb/sth, make sb/sth The virus attacks the immune system, leaving your body vulnerable to infections. ADV. acutely, especially, extremely, highly, intensely, particularly, very | completely, totally, utterly | increasingly | quite, rather She is very sensitive and rather vulnerable. | potentially | peculiarly, uniquely Hippos are uniquely vulnerable to drought. | oddly, strangely He smiled, making her suddenly feel oddly vulnerable. | somehow | economically, militarily, politically The company is in an economically vulnerable position. PREP. to These offices are highly vulnerable to terrorist attack.

Oxford Collocations Dictionary

2 general:: noun liable to succumb: Most men are vulnerable to temptation.

Simple Definitions

معنی کلمه vulnerable ، معنی اصطلاح vulnerable ، به vulnerable چی می گن؟ ، vulnerable چی می شه؟، واژه vulnerable ، معادل vulnerable ، vulnerable synonym , vulnerable definition , vulnerable meaning
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